Charter of Principles of the General States of Social Affairs in Italy

On 27 October 2023, at the Città Dell’Altra Economia, ENTE PRO LOCO ITALIANE, the Association for Social Promotion member of the Italian Ecosystem convened the STATI GENERALI DEL SOCIALE (the General States of Social Affairs) with the aim of building a resilient and collaborative context, leading to a permanent cooperation of the Organisations involved in theSocial Sector in Italy.

The General States highlighted that:

  • for a Sustainable Development of Communities, it is indispensable to sum up different competences in the field of research, cultural and social sustainability assessment, dissemination and knowledge of social issues
  • In numerous communities, marginalisation and discriminatory actions persist, giving rise to unjustifiable inequalities on a daily basis, affecting both the capacity and access to opportunities, all in consideration of human dignity

Recalling the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948; the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989; the Conventions of the International Labour Organization, 1973, 1999; the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, 2015; and the Istanbul Convention against Violence against Women, 2011, Ente Pro Loco Italiane intends to initiate a network process that fosters the sharing of common objectives and the exchange of experiences among Third Sector Bodies through the Charter of Principles of the General States of Social Affairs.

The signatory organisations of this Charter will commit themselves to support:
– GENERATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Ensuring the protection of the environment, cultural heritage, and human rights.
– SOCIAL EQUITY: Promoting equal opportunities between men and women.
– CIVIL COOPERATION: Engaging citizens in community development.
– DIVERSITY AND WELCOME: Fostering spiritual and material enrichment as engines for social development.
– FIGHT AGAINST VIOLENCE: Implementing concrete actions against all forms of violence.
– EQUALITY BETWEEN PEOPLES: Advocating for non-discrimination based on race and ethnicity.

The signatories of this Charter also concurrently establish the “Permanent States of the Social Sector,” which will convene annually to define new policy lines and share the outlined paths. The organisation responsible for coordinating the annual initiatives will be Ente Pro Loco Italiane APS.