Additional Resources

The study focuses on the regulatory framework of the Social Enterprise determined by the introduction of the Third Sector Code and Legislative Decree no. 112 of 2017 (Revision of the discipline on Social Enterprise) and analyses all the regulatory and legal application aspects that outline the scope of action of the Social Enterprise: it – in fact – has a dedicated discipline compared to the other Third Sector entities. In the Study, central themes are explored such as:
  • the relationship between workers and the Social Enterprise,
  • the tools for involving workers in entrepreneurial management,
  • the classification of volunteers,
  • the highlighting of social impacts and internal organisation processes through the main social communication tool of the Social Report,
  • the value of human capital as a central resource of the enterprise,
  • education and training as strategic tools in the development of the Social Enterprise.
The Study therefore represents an important contribution by a member of the Italian Local Ecosystem of the OBCD project, which is made available to the entire partnership network of the aforementioned Ecosystem, which is, moreover, constantly evolving and continues to be enriched by new social realities. The aforementioned Study will also be included as support and in-depth study material for the recipients of the VET Italia pilot training, so that students will have a text that allows them to organically and coherently frame all the study topics they are going to tackle.